Angel Baby XXIV

Angel Baby XXIV was named by Charles Rogers in honor of his baby girl.

Angel Baby 24 came to ABR because she doesn’t like being the princess in the house; she should be the queen. And so it is, Angel Baby 24 gets to be the queen. That doesn’t mean there can’t be princes, jesters, and a king too; just no queens or princesses to steal the adoration meant for her. She’s a four year old fawn beauty who knows what she likes.

She likes the two dogs in her foster home, the cat and the kid too. And car rides and belly scratches and short runs. And a nap in the grass and sun after the short run. AB24 is heartworm positive, but she is receiving monthly heartworm preventive, and ABR always helps with treatment. She is otherwise healthy and happy and ready for a snuggle or belly rub, or just some of that adoration.

She does not do well when crated, but has not been destructive out of her crate. She is of course house and leash trained. AB24 is not unusual in her dislike for other female dogs, she just lets us know before there’s a big to-do about it. Good for her. She knows what she likes. Kids, cats, people, male dogs, belly scratches, snuggles, adoration; what’s not to like?