Square head Boxer boys with that flash on their faces and chests and socks always seem to be wearing a smile and grin that says “I am one handsome guy, go ahead, pet me.” Wheeler. That is one Texas name for one handsome Boxer. He’s about 6 years old, loves to be near people, and is healthy except for being heartworm positive. He is not symptomatic, treatment need not be difficult, and ABR always helps his family with treatment. Besides, you get that grin and smile.

Wheeler gets pretty excited when others around him get excited and sometimes other dogs and humans misinterpret his enthusiasm, so helping him get happy but not ecstatic goes a long way in making his life a little easier. Maybe it’s because he was abused by being hit in the face, or maybe he’s just so darned happy to have humans and dogs in his life that are good to him; nevertheless, calmer is better for him. He is house and crate trained but his enthusiasm at walking with a human is just too exciting at times. Repetition, support, redirection and praise help him focus and have an enjoyable walk. He is a sweet and loving velcro boy who really, really appreciates what rescue brings him.

Wheeler would do best in a calmer atmosphere with an owner who appreciates his enthusiasm and understands how to help him slow down when meeting other dogs and people. Letting him have a little time out in a safe place where he can adjust a bit seems to help. Reminding him to go to his spot when he gets too exuberant helps too. Staying calm, supportive, clear and consistent does wonders for him. Wheeler is not a candidate for life with kids as the unexpected just gets the better of him. He is really best when he knows what’s next and who has his back. Are you the slow and steady companion for Wheeler?