One of our latest arrivals from the valley is Wera; a very pretty little girl with a white coat and inquisitive face. She was covered in fleas, ticks, dirt and whatnot when she got to ABR but she’s cleaned up very nicely. She, like all of our rescues from her part of the valley, receives a month’s worth of meds to prevent tick borne illness. Wera is heartworm positive but not symptomatic so treatment need not be difficult. Wera is around 30 pounds and about 2 years old and energetic.

Wera lives with some young kids, a couple dogs and foster parents and is doing well. As with many of our rescues she is learning that sufficient food is provided on a regular basis and affection is available to all. She loves to play with toys, kids and dogs and then take a nap. She is house trained and does very well in her crate. She is learning how to walk with her humans on leash, something she probably never tried before.

Sometimes it takes a period of familiarity with a foster to discern if they have a hearing loss. Wera is not deaf, but may have some impairment, or just may not recognize the voice or command. She is good with kids, OK with dogs, and maybe OK with cats. She loves to play and run and snuggle, and she is a tiny little pretty Boxer. She won’t take up much room in your house but she can fill your heart.