Waska has the classic Boxer look, minus a few pounds. Square face, cropped ears, docked tail, solid fawn coat with toes and chest dipped in white, black muzzle and eyes that search your soul. This little 2 to 3 year old female is a beauty. Yes, those are young children she’s taking care of in her photos. She lives with a cat too. She is heartworm positive, not symptomatic, and ABR always helps with the treatment, (It doesn’t have to be difficult now.) Waska is otherwise healthy and even keeled.

She is a high energy girl outside who loves to run with her Boxer host and can clear a 6 foot fence if you’re not watching. Her other dog host is grumpy and Waska just says hello in passing. Both are males because Waska doesn’t get along with female dogs very well; that’s Ok as ABR almost never permanently places a female with a female anyway. Waska is house, leash and crate trained and very gentle with children and adults alike.

Waska is ready for her forever family so long as they are prepared to help her not jump their fence. ABR has several suggestions that can help. She is an all around winner who is more than worth the effort.