Almost all of the Boxers on the Adoption Page are ready to be adopted or are very close to it. Not so with Waffles. Once she fills out and heals she will be a gorgeous red fawn with a black mask and have far more soul than you’d expect in a young, happy female. But it will take weeks to clear the thousands of dead ticks off her and out of her ears. It may take a month or more for her coat to feel soft to the touch, and her scars, if they heal, will take longer than that. She may be half or less of her proper body weight and her muscle mass will take months to rebuild. 

It only took days for her spirit to ramp up, and only 3 days before she insisted on walking, rather than being carried, out to do her business. We affectionately call her Wobbles because she staggers, falls, gets up and carries on. Her appetite has returned and she does her very best to do her business outside. She quickly became one of the pack with an 11 year old Plotthound, and 3 white, 2 year old Boxers; 2 deaf females and 1 hearing male. They have been very gentle with her and she offers lots of kisses in return. She already managed to crawl up on the couch to sleep with the young male. 

We don’t know everything about her vetting yet; we do know she’s getting medication to prevent tick borne illnesses and heartworm medication to prevent new heartworms. She is eating high protein/high calorie kibble and Honest Kitchen mixed with goats milk and pumpkin; and some prepared raw food too. She will gradually put on weight and muscle mass and we’ll treat her sores. She is attentive, bright, obedient and seeks affection. She’s got the heart and soul, now we just need to get the body up to speed.