Waffles came to ABR at the end of June so malnourished and covered in ticks that she could just barely stand and only take a few steps before falling down. She was 33 pounds on what is now, October 1, a 53 pound frame. Her coat is now a soft, silky dark fawn, her eyes are bright and she runs almost as fast as her 2 year old Boxer foster sister. Waffles is about 3 years old but still a lot of puppy. She has learned pack and human manners from the other 4 in her foster home. She is a medium energy girl who loves to play with her buddies and snuggle with her people.

Waffles is house, crate and leash trained and is not destructive in the house where none of them are kenneled. She eats near her peers and respects their space, and takes turns for treats when each name is called for a turn. Waffles is heartworm negative, has completed her course of preventive medication for tick borne illnesses and is now very healthy. She has steadily built muscle mass and is at her ideal weight.

Waffles does not live with children, and is likely too curious and active to live with toddler aged kids, although she has been appropriate with older kids. She is not a good candidate to live with cats. She is not a random barker but she is a protective female Boxer and does alert when she finds it necessary. She greets guests appropriately and follows commands fairly well with a typical Boxer stubborn streak. She likes to sneak up for a quick kiss and a few pets between her adventures and then she’s off; chasing a sister, blasting through the dog door, jumping on her big brother, or plopping down for a nap. We have been very fortunate to watch Waffles survive when we feared she may not, to become so healthy and robust that no one would know how her journey from forgotten to family was nearly cut short. Waffles is ready for the next step in her journey.