We know that Vivi came from the Palm Valley area, as many of our rescues do, at the end of October, 2018. We know she has had a difficult time finding a foster parent with enough patience and compassion to help her begin to find her way. Somewhere, somehow, someone shattered her trust in humans and the outside world. She is slowly, glacially, willing to trust her foster dad and let him take her for walks, give her treats, and gently, very gently, ask her to try the outside world again. Often the unseen injuries are the deepest.

Vivi is a beautiful, small, brindle girl with natural ears and tail. She is heartworm negative and has finished her course of preventive medication given to all our rescues from Palm Valley. She is fully vetted, healthy and has no problem eating. She is housetrained but only goes outside to do her business. She is good on leash and loves her walks, but is immediately submissive when other people or dogs come near. She is not destructive in the house, but she is most comfortable in her crate whether she needs to be there or not.  She had shown very little interest in other dogs or cats but lately has spent a weekend or two in temporary foster homes while her foster dad is away. These temp fosters have dogs and Vivi has loved the company, even going to the dog park and playing, marking tremendous progress for this sweet little girl!

She is sweet and lovable with her foster dad now, and she did great at ABR’s Austin Adoption Day in February when volunteer after volunteer came to calmly greet her. This 2 year old has made tremendous progress in her foster home and is slowly, at her own pace, learning the outside world can be welcoming and warm. Vivi has taken the first few baby steps on her journey from forgotten to family. She may never be the life of the  party or gregarious greeter, but she will surely fill someone’s heart with joy as a loving, loyal, trusting companion.