This petite, flashy fawn sweetheart is almost as unique as her name, Viola. She’s more in tune with an older, calmer time when her name was popular, preferring to be near her people to roughhousing with her dog mates. Viola is only 3 years old, but a pretty calm 3 years old. She has a gorgeous, classic flashy fawn coat that is shiny and smooth as silk, and a cropped tail. She gets along with her dog mates just fine and enjoys a romp with them when she’s not taking care of her people inside.

Viola has all the skills a girl needs to live with people and other dogs. Of course she is house trained and does fine in her crate, and is learning what is expected of her on walks. She likes chew toys and squeaky toys and naps on the couch. She is praise driven and is eager to do what is asked of her once she understands it.

Viola is a small female who rarely barks and is calm and easy going. She is heartworm positive, but ABR will explain treatment options and help with treatment. It need not be difficult at her age. She is otherwise healthy, happy and a joy to share life with. We don’t know if she’s met cats or kids or how she relates to them. Viola could be your companion in an apartment very easily.