Valley Girl

With a name like Valley Girl you were thinking a little ditzy, a little snarky maybe? Wrong. This Valley Girl is one of the reasons shelters and other rescues call Austin Boxer Rescue when a Boxer needs special care and attention. She’s only 3, maybe 4, years old and she’s a big gal; looks like all legs and feet when she’s scampering about with the other dogs in her house. Makes you wonder if she’s gonna crash into something, but she hardly ever does. Val lost an eye, probably when her skull was dented by something.

This Valley Girl is sweet, calm, easy going and gets on well with the big, medium, small and infirm dogs in her foster home; and she doesn’t even notice the cats. She’ll play some until a spot opens on the couch, even better when Mom’s lap is available. Val has a white coat with large and small fawn spots, a newly cropped tail and a nearly permanent smile. She is so happy to be part of a pack and part of a family it just radiates from her.

Val is heartworm negative and of course she is house, crate and leash trained. She might tug a bit but is so praise oriented that corrections are simple. Her foster family often has fosters who have difficult medical issues and some behavioral issues and they ran out of superlatives for Val. Yeah, she has a unique look, but she has a unique, easy personality that goes with it. You’re not going to find another Valley Girl like this one.