Tweety came to her foster home and joined 5 other Boxers on Christmas Day; her 5th “home” in 2 weeks; one was a kill shelter and one was overnight boarding. She is a healthy, happy, active 6 year old who has become a delightful member of her pack with a 15 year old female, 10 year old male, two 18 month old deaf females, and an 18 month old male. They run and box and jump and wrestle and fall asleep in a heap. Tweety is heartworm negative and around 50 pounds with a solid fawn coat and black mask with a dusting of premature gray. We know she’s 6 because she was adopted at 2 years old and abandoned by her family after 4 years.

This 6 year old knows: off, no, back, out of the kitchen, scoot over, were you good?, sit and probably more. She does the best kidney bean dance and wiggle butt and does not jump up. She loves to snuggle and be part of the group. She is house and crate trained and walks nicely on leash. She prances to her crate for meal times as soon as her bowl is ready. She politely takes a treat when her name is called. She does not currently live with cats or kids so we don’t know how she relates to either.

It took Tweety a couple days to decompress and learn how this new home works as she watched from the safety of her crate. She let the youngsters know she was their elder with a few well placed glances and a low grumble or two; then they all settled into a happy, active pack. Tweety loves a lap when she can get one. She can be quite the talker, especially when her foster dad forgets it’s dinner time. Tweety has become a wonderful, happy addition to a busy house. She might like it a little less crowded. This wonderful girl is ready to make you smile, take you for a walk and fall asleep in your lap.