Tootsie’s working hard on her journey from forgotten to family, She has all the social skills down pat but she needs some help with the health parts. This 6 year old girl came to ABR emaciated, with kennel cough, needing to be spayed and have a lump removed from her cheek, and she’s heartworm positive. Her foster mom and skin kid and their pack of Boxers are helping her tackle the issues one at a time as she gains strength.

Tootsie is a tiny girl who is pretty low key. Her favorite thing is laying on the couch helping her skin kid watch tv or read a book. She doesn’t jump up or lick a lot and she’s not demanding even though she does appreciate some love and attention. Tootsie’s pretty low energy right now but that will likely move up just a bit as she heals. Her pack includes some snotty youngsters with limited manners and Tootsie doesn’t mind; although she’s probably not fond of small dogs or cats.

Of course Tootsie is house, crate and leash trained and has been trustworthy in the house. Tootsie has a fawn coat, white markings on her muzzle and big, floppy ears. She would do well as an only dog in a low key home or apartment, or as a buddy for a calm dog too.

Tootsie was named by Stella Canales in memory of her loving and loyal girl.