This shy little guy is named Tommy. He’s about 1 year old and is just now learning about family life. He has a very serious little face with a black mask, a white arrow on his nose, and a fawn coat. He is small for a male, but then he’s just one year old. Little Tommy came into rescue as a stray with his friend, Tasti (she’s the confident, wise one), but he’s fit into his foster home with 2 other dogs (besides Tasti) and a cat or 2 pretty well.

He hasn’t had an opportunity to learn all the things he needs to know yet, but he’s eager to learn and eager to please his foster mom with cuddles and kisses, when he isn’t kissing the cats. Tommy is a very gentle boy who is house trained and crate trained. He’s just learning about toys and dog social skills, but he’s so gentle and submissive it’s not a problem.

He’s a healthy boy who just needs some experience, some guidance and boundaries, and mostly praise and ‘atta boy”. He is not the big, bold, adventuresome Boxer yet, but he may be adventurous enough to steal your heart.