The name Tiki has many legends and many stories, but it is always a story of uniqueness and beginning. And so, this beautiful brindle female is very fitting to earn this name. She is unique, and her new life is now beginning. Tiki is about 3 years young, and very healthy. She is an average size girl with a soft, silky coat, and she is heartworm negative. She once lived with a family with kids but was rescued as an innocent lost soul, like her namesake.

She’s a happy, friendly girl who loves to play and greet people. She has pretty good people manners and is working on her dog manners like many of our strays need to do. She is with a very experienced foster mom who is letting her learn appropriate pack behavior by watching for now. She’ll have opportunities to practice her new behaviors soon enough as she learns there is enough food, love and reassurance for all of them.

She is house and crate trained and gradually learning how to walk on leash; another skill she didn’t need before and one many strays have some difficulty with. She is not cat friendly.

This unique, gorgeous and smart girl just needs time, patience and guidance from her foster mom and her pack to relax and let her guard down enough to become a successful pack member. She is eager to learn and eager to join the group, so she’ll get there as she realizes she is safe, fed, and loved. We will trumpet her progress as she comes along.