Thompson’s (Tom Tom) foster mom describes this elegant gentleman: “Thompson is a big, tall, lean, fawn boy with enough gray on his face to prove he’s lived a pretty long life already. A little flash of white on his nose and white feet make him distinctive. He has a docked tail and natural ears.” Thompson joins our ranks of Silverhearts as a gentle, well mannered, calm 8 or 9 year old. His sight and hearing are slowly failing, but his heart and loyalty have only grown stronger through the years. Thompson is a pretty healthy fellow otherwise with a bit of arthritis and a few medications.

Thompson came to a foster home with years of experience with many dogs. She has a soft spot for the seniors and the disadvantaged and isn’t in any hurry for Thompson to leave her pack, even though she will prepare him for the best possible family and cheer him on when the time comes. He has slipped effortlessly into a pack of 5 other dogs like he’s been there all along. He is house, crate and leash trained and likes nothing more than following his foster mom wherever she goes; except into the bathroom, perhaps the first and only Boxer that allows personal time in the bathroom. He doesn’t currently live with children, and we don’t know if he did before, but he gravitates to them at events and is very calm and gentle. We don’t know how he does with cats although he did fine with the ones he’s met. With limited sight and hearing, Thompson may be uncomfortable with small children as they do tend to make sudden moves and noises.

Thompson has been a gem in his foster home, taking just a few days to understand the routines, know when and where he eats, who sleeps where, where mom keeps the cookies, and is now comfortable enough to try to playfully trick her into forgetting to put him in a room with his buddy when she leaves. He needs a little help getting into the car, and he may need a gentle touch to get his attention at times, but the joy and comfort he brings far exceeds any silly inconvenience he may pose. And like our other Silverhearts, he has lived a long life helping his humans live theirs. He deserves comfort, loyalty, a soft touch and someone to share the rest of his journey with him.