Thecia Taylor

Austin Boxer Rescue’s Name-a-Boxer program is honoring a rescue volunteer with Thecia Taylor; our pretty little 2 year old female Boxer puppy. This Thecia has a very pretty fawn coat with flashy white on her chest, neck, muzzle and paws. Her black nose, floppy ears and dark eyes complete this 40 pound beauty. Thecia is heartworm negative, healthy, and has medium to high energy.

Medium energy for a 2 year old may be a bit different than for a 6 year old, but Thecia is generally well mannered even though she is still learning what is expected of her to live with her human, and dog, family. She lives with 4 dogs and foster parents and does fine. Of course she is curious and wants to play with anything that moves, as well as playing quietly with her toys. She is very close to being house trained and is getting better and better on leash. She is curious and impulsive still, so training is one step at a time. Thecia lived with cats and kids and did fine with the kids, not with the cats.

Boxers are generally puppies until they are about 3 years old, and some of our rescues are delayed by their history or other limitation; so Thecia is right on schedule. She is learning quickly and this happy puppy is ready for her forever family to scoop her up. She’s a little shy and needs reassurance and loves to make sure she’s doing what is expected, but she is the world champion snuggler. And sweet, sweet, sweet!