Texan might be the most photogenic guy ABR has had in a long time. Tall, handsome, distinguished with that little twinkle in his eye. Oowee! This Silverheart is a very cool gentleman. He came to ABR after his owners divorced in the Dallas area. His photos tell it all; he just seems to know how to look good. And his slender frame with a fawn coat turning to silver with cropped ears, cropped tail and sly smile; he is a stunner. Texan is a very spry, active 12 year old who is heartworm positive but you’d never guess it from his joie de vivre.

He has all the skills of life with humans; crate, house and leash trained. He has done well with dogs and cats he’s met, and he was a favorite at the doggy day care where his previous foster works. He can play, and nap, with the best of them. He’s so easy going you may think he’s not happy, but just look at his nub whirring away.

Texan is one of those Boxers who have presence. He doesn’t have to be the loudest, fastest, most animated; he just draws attention and respect. He doesn’t mess with other dogs, does not boss them around, does not quarrel over food; he does not need that. He’s been around long enough to feel secure just as he is. Read about our Silverheart program on their own page. Then ask for Texan.