I am determined to find my buddy Teegue a great home! Check out his pics and videos and read all about him below, and please share!
Teegue is a 7-8 year old neutered male Boxer that has been my foster kid for 4 years. He is a tall, brindle boy with a comical underbite, He enjoys having conversations with people and singing along to songs. Crate trained, house trained and laid back in the house (trash bins need to be securely covered); Active and energetic outside. He prefers to be inside but enjoys his outside time, too.. Heartworm negative; has a couple benign bumps on his body, and a growth on his ear needs to be removed. The rescue will cover that surgery but ONLY once he is adopted.

He’s a happy, mostly easy going guy. Needs a leader that understands when and why he gets anxious, who can provide calm, firm reassurance and direction on what to do. He looks for guidance and appreciates it. Check out his pics and videos!!
Knows Sit, Down, Come, Stay and Kennel Does well on a leash and enjoys walks in a relaxed environment.

He is very social with people; still occasionally jumps up on strangers that don’t follow proper greeting protocol.
He really adores kids and will sit and take treats from them very gently. He does get the zoomies, so older kids are probably a better match.

He LOVES belly rubs and will gladly flop upside down for them.

Easy to bathe and trim nails.

He diligently guards the yard from people or strange dogs walking down the road, but comes when called away from the fence
Keeps deer out of my garden; he really hates deer!

No orthopedic issues.

Maintains well on a raw diet, or grain free kibble. Currently fed alternating raw days and kibble days.

Enjoys the company of non-dominant, female dogs. Likes to play Boxer style with girls who have the same play style, once he trusts them to play fair.

Gets anxious and sometimes reactive with dominant dogs or when approached by dogs he is unfamiliar with out on walks.
Readily accepts unfamiliar dogs walking by his kennel in the house. Just a part of life around here :)

He essentially ignores my cat but might need to be reminded that kitties aren’t for chasing if a new home has a hyper or really reactive cat.

He’s cool with chickens on leash or e collar, and on the other side of a fence, but probably not trustworthy roaming free with them

Thank you Mary Minchew for virtually fostering Teegue!