Ah yes, a young, white, female Boxer with one blue eye and the other a bit cloudy. Big happy face and a tongue that sticks out just a bit. Big, floppy ears and a black, button nose. She’s a confident little stinker too, this Tasti girl. Not overly pushy as she lives with a couple host dogs, a few cats, and her buddy, Tommy; but she’s not hiding in the shadows and shy either.

Tasti is about average size for a female and is filled with spunk and energy (unlike her take-it-easy buddy Tommy). Neither one of them had a lick of training about how to live with humans and be part of a pack, but they are learning quickly. She loves to cuddle and give kisses and run outside to bother Tommy. She fell right in with the resident dogs and they are best buddies too.

Tasti is a healthy girl who takes correction well. She is house and crate trained and does well with the cats. She, like Tommy, would do best with fur buddies who can show them the ropes and a family that can help her learn all the things she needs to know.