Stella is a tall 5 year old, 60 pound female with a fawn coat and white flash on her face, chest and paws. She is quite the looker. She is heartworm negative and healthy. Stella currently lives with a foster mom and her dogs, and after slow introductions, she does well with all. ABR always encourages slow, supervised introductions for new dogs into new settings, allowing them time to observe and learn the surroundings, hierarchy, rules and rhythms of their new home from the safety of their crate.

Stella is a lover with her people and will snuggle whenever possible. She loves to play and loves her walks, but like many rescued dogs, she is currently leash reactive. Consistent redirection, reassurance, and appropriate reaction (like moving to the other side of the street, retreating to a lawn so Stella can sit while the other dogs pass, offering a treat each time Stella looks to her handler rather than the other dog…) will gradually help her gain confidence and trust in her handler. She does well at home with her fur friends.

Stella is house, crate and leash trained and sweet and loving at home. I’ll add a personal note: my personal dog has been leash reactive for all of his 12 years; much less so now he’s a terrific loose-leash walker. He has also welcomed 42 Boxers in to his pack to foster and mentor, play and snuggle with. Each dog has a comfort zone we just need to help them find.