Spamela Hamderson

Look at that long lean body with the beautiful, very soft white coat, flapping ears and great big smile. Spamela Hamberson’s eyes will follow you everywhere so she knows what you want her to do. She is deaf and very smart. Spamela is a very healthy, heartworm negative, 18 to 24 month old female who loves to play and learn.

Spamela is a very high energy girl who lives in a foster home with 4 other Boxers. Spamela gets along great with all of them and learns the rules by watching them. She is a very good girl who is house, crate and leash trained and loves to please her people. Deaf Boxers tend to mature a little more slowly because it takes them a little longer to understand the dog and people rules. Most of them like Spamela are enthralled with learning once they connect sign language with body language and positive results. She already knows sit, come, good job/girl, no, stop it (angry face) and follows your hand signal to go away or go lay down. She watches for direction, even in the backyard, and is never very far away. She is sweet and affectionate, but unfortunately she cannot be placed with young children who may accidentally startle her as they may not understand her limitations.

Spammy is very curious and adventuresome, and left to her own devices she and her younger foster buddies will get into any manner of mischief. Fortunately she does well in her crate for a few hours at a time when she is left unattended. Spammy is a consummate snuggler and gives the best Boxer hugs (she’s so gentle she gets a pass on the “no stand up hugs” rule.)

Spamela needs a family with a lot of energy and a lot of patience. She has the energy of a 2 year old puppy and needs to learn how to channel that through sign language. Having a compatible buddy for “ears” as well as for a playmate would be ideal. Training for differently abled dogs is readily available. Deaf dogs have a special place in ABR lore as they form a bond with their owners like no other. You will never forget, or regret, being loved by a deaf dog.