When you picture a big Boxer boy, I bet you picture Skits. A flashy fawn guy with a big head, soulful eyes and his tongue hanging out through his smile. Skits is about 6 or 7 years old and knows how to get along with dogs and people. His feet are a little itchy right now, but his foster mom is taking care of that, and he is heartworm negative and healthy.

Skits is house, crate and leash trained although he hasn’t needed to be crated. He agrees and will beg for his release, mostly so he can lay in your lap. He does enjoy playing with the other Boxers in the house, but being inside with mom is even better.

He loves car rides and attention but he knows to take his turn. Skits is a big, handsome, even keeled guy who could live with other dogs, or just enjoy their company at the cafe or dog park. Getting to know Skits is kind of like putting on a comfy old pair of slippers you forgot you had.