Shirley is just approaching middle age and she’s been around the block, so she knows what she likes and she doesn’t have any problem telling her humans about it. She will talk your ear off and don’t you even bother trying to get the last word in. She’s 5 years old and has a soft, dark fawn coat with a black mask, floppy ears and a cropped tail. Shirley’s really a very happy girl, but then there’s other dogs that just need to be kept in line, so she worries a bit too.

The little dogs are good, they are her friends, but those big dogs just have no manners. Kids are pretty good as far as Shirley’s concerned; she gets very happy every time she meets them even though she does not live with them. She likes to play tug and anything else with her people. Shirley is house trained, and after her initial excitement does well on leash. She knows what’s up with a crate and will begrudgingly take a bribe to go in, but she’ll tell you all about how wrong it is once she’s in there; she knows she doesn’t get in trouble out of her crate.

Shirley’s in good shape despite her days having puppies, She is heartworm positive but doesn’t show it; besides, ABR will help with treatment. This little hoot is full of life and joy and conversation and will keep you on your toes. She’d do great as an only dog, or with a small companion. Just ask her.