Shiner is on the smaller side for a female, and at 50 pounds “soaking wet” she’s not getting any bigger. She’s about 8 years old, heartworm negative, healthy and happy. Shiner has become accustomed to having one eye. She has a fawn coat with white chest and mittens, her tongue peeking out of her mouth and her lip caught on a canine. She is a pretty picture with her floppy ears and and docked tail.

Shiner was found in traffic in Austin and appeared to have escaped from, or been dumped by a backyard breeder. She has gained considerable confidence in her foster home but is still wary of, and slow to warm up to men. Once she declares you OK she is devoted and loyal. She had not had an opportunity to socialize with dogs or people, so her time in her patient, loving foster home has worked wonders. It took a long time, but the 2 Boxers who are her hosts are now her best friends.Making new best friends will take time, patience and supervision.

She is house, crate and leash trained and loves her walks, especially now as all three buddies get to go together. She loves her early morning “shopping trips” with her foster mom to the local pet store, and her naps with her favorite squeaky toy. Shiner didn’t know about grass or backyards to run in, so learning all the things that come with being part of a family has been pretty amazing. She may do best as only dog with regular walks and shopping trips, or with a family who is very supportive and patient at letting her get comfortable with a new fur friend at her own pace.