This tiny flashy fawn female is named Shiner; hopefully for the fine Texas beer, not for her missing right eye. Shiner is about 45 pounds with a docked tail and natural ears, and at 6 years old she’s not getting any bigger. She was rescued from running through traffic in Austin.

Shiner is very affectionate and energetic. She is getting accustomed to seeing with one eye, so interaction with other dogs and kids and people needs to go slowly as she learns how to make it all work. ABR has had one-eyed dogs before who mastered the change to blossom into wonderful, loving companions. Shiner is house, crate and leash trained and loves her walks. She is a very sweet girl who loves her people and lives with 2 other Boxers. She has done very well with children she has met although she does not live with children.

She is smart and loves praise and affection so she is learning quickly. This little girl is a diamond in the rough, just learning how to navigate her new circumstance and family life. She’s doing great so far. Shiner may be best as an “only” dog as she needs reassurance and trust; almost like the attention a deaf dog needs to gain confidence. Do you want to help her fill out the rest?