Scarlet Rogue

Scarlet Rogue loves her toys, especially anything with a squeaker that must be removed pronto. This 8 year old lady loves to play with toys and people. Scarlet is blind, but she is otherwise healthy and heartworm negative. She is an energetic flashy fawn lady. Her foster mom says “Scarlet is so full of fun and just a joy to have around. Don’t tell her she’s blind, because she doesn’t know it and wouldn’t believe you if you did tell her.”

This big girl is house, crate and leash trained, but she needs a handler that recognizes when her visual impairment makes her stop on a walk – she sometimes finds something that she must smell. Since she doesn’t know she’s supposed to be “handicapped”, she tends to lead out on the leash and has been known to walk into things like trees and walls, so she needs a human who pays attention and guides her out of harm’s way. But she knows the “step” command (which means step up or down), “in” (which means go in the crate), and “up” which means jump up on the couch or bed, and she loves to go swimming in the creek.

She tries to be friends with every dog she meets, but her enthusiastic greetings aren’t always well received by other dogs. Her best friend is the Schnauzer mix in her foster home because he ‘understands her’. She has not chased the cats she has met but that may be due to her sight issues. She has been good with children, but just as with our deaf dogs who can be unwittingly startled, she cannot be placed with children under 10.

This pretty, healthy, happy lady is all Boxer. Sure, she has a glitch, but that hasn’t stopped her from loving people and toys and dogs and being a terrific buddy. She’ll reward your patience with wiggles and snuggles and offer you her toy (or insist that you TRY to take it). Scarlet is a Permanent Foster with no adoption fee who will receive support similar to one of ABR’s Silver Hearts.