Rumer has it all. Stunning brindle coat with honey color eyes, little bits of white here and there and a perfect t-bone on her face. That head-tilt to make sure she hears you, big floppy ears, a docked tail and smushy jowls. Rumer is all short, stocky Boxer at 62 pounds and not a  pound to spare. She was a puppy mill mama that got away somehow, and she’s only 2 years old.

Rumer is in a foster home with 2 other Boxers and 2 early elementary aged kids and they all get along fine. Rumer’s a bit more fond of her humans than she is of her fur buddies, but that’s common for new fosters as they find their place in their new home. She is house, crate and leash trained and loves to go with her foster mom in the car. She has unusually good manners considering her history; no jumping on people, she sits for treats, goes into her crate with no fuss; walks well on leash… She is a low to medium energy girl who loves laps, especially laps on couches.

Rumer came from an area in the valley where heartworm is common and ticks are too. She is free of ticks and has completed the customary preventive treatment. She is heartworm positive, but not symptomatic, and at her age with ABR’s help treatment does not have to be difficult. She does not live with cats but has met some without incident. She is very gentle and loving and has “not met a stranger”, human or dog. Rumer is pretty much everything a Boxer can be, especially if you like sweet ones.