This was part of Roxi’s bio before she was adopted from ABR and subsequently found wandering around  by a good samaritan who had her microchip read and contacted ABR. Attempts to contact the family failed so we still do not know why she was left alone, again. “Most of those rescued by ABR tell their story with their physical and emotional scars, with their fear, with their injuries and sickness, and with their hope; the eternal Boxer hope. Roxi doesn’t have scars or injuries, she is not emaciated, she is not fearful, if she has emotional scars she hides them very well. She has hope, and love, and an eagerness to be part of the pack, part of the family, to belong again. Roxi is a very young 7 or 8, you’d guess 4 or 5, with a soft-as-silk fawn coat with white flash in all the right spots to highlight her happy eyes and incessant nub wagging.” 

Roxi came back to ABR and is in a foster home with an older male Boxer and grandkids she adores. Roxi is still gentle, trusting and eager to share as many kisses as possible.

Roxi’s current foster family, her previous ABR foster family, and the staff where she boarded waiting for a foster home have had no difficulty with Roxi at all and all adore her. Through all this she still has a positive, upbeat, wigglebutt demeanor. She doesn’t like every dog she meets, but she likes most of them.

Roxi is heartworm negative and very healthy and on the smaller side for a female. Roxi does not get on furniture unless invited. She loves her walks but is not comfortable in confined spaces with dogs she does not know. She doesn’t live with kids but sees her grandkids all the time and is very gentle and loving with them. She would likely do best as an adored only dog or with a fur buddy as she is now. This beautiful older lady is eagerly awaiting her new forever family. ABR will be quite cautious about Roxi’s placement to ensure she is not left alone again.