Rory’s alias is “the heart thief.” He came from the bad part of the valley for Boxers and was hand fed for his first several weeks in his foster home. But now this handsome fawn guy is headed to a healthy 70 pounds of kisses, wiggles and play bows. He even manned a kissing booth for 8 hours and never missed a kiss. Rory figured out the dog door in 5 minutes and does not fear doing his business in the rain. He has 2 foster Boxer sisters to play with or nap with and he is at ease at whatever speed the house is moving.

Rory is about 7 years old but has the activity and curiosity of a 5 to 6 year old. He takes his human for walks and nicely explores along the way. Rory is very dog friendly and loves his humans, and now he’s discovered toys. Rory is almost completely healed from the non-contagious demodex mange he came in with, and his foster mom has him on the slow-kill method for his heartworms. He has completed the routine course of preventives for tick borne illnesses so common to the part of the valley he escaped.

Of course Rory is house, crate and leash trained and just easy to live with. He seems to know he got a chance at a good life and he’s going for it in a calm, loving, gentle way. His foster mom feeds her dogs and Rory a raw diet and she offers to take as much time as needed to explain it and it’s benefits. Like most Boxers, Rory is very social and likes to have friends around so he would do best with a fur buddy or 2. This guy is an absolute gem; calm and confident enough to make friends and let the world come to him.