The best thing to do for your loved ones is not often clear. Will she survive a move from Texas to China, or have a better chance in a shelter? Ritzy has made it through the first piece of her terrifying journey from shelter to foster home. She is 11 years old and has never been away from her skin kids and parents before. Now there’s a new mom, new dogs, a bird, new noises and smells and even though they are a good, well mannered pack, including the yorkie, she has not been part of a family like this before.

Ritzy slowly, gradually, one peek at a time, emerged from her crate to interact with the pack, foster mom, and parrot.  She’s getting more comfortable, but it’s a huge new trick for an old dog, so slow and cautious it is. After only one week, Ritzy is fitting in nicely with 2 Boxers and 2 small dogs. The parrot did not have to give her the usual “warning peck” that new dogs get  because Ritzy is so respectful. As rough as this is, it’s probably better than being in a cargo hold.

She is a flashy fawn who is tall and lean with the silver highlights she’s earned over the years. Ritzy is heartworm negative and healthy. Of course she is house, crate and leash trained. She is calm, friendly and sweet and probably misses her skin kids. She gets fussy at bedtime because something, some ritual is not right. And Boxers love rituals. This is going to be a slow, careful transition for Ritzy. She is slowly getting comfortable in her foster home but another move right away could be too much. Her foster mom will know, so it’s OK to ask about Ritzy now.