Reyna was adopted from ABR 5 years ago when she was 2 years old. Her adoptive mom says “Unfortunately, Reyna has a baby brother (toddler) that recently learned to walk and he doesn’t always know how to be gentle with her, or give her space.” Reyna will sometimes get grumpy with his new mobility. Reyna is healthy and very well mannered with people and dogs. She knows “sit, stay, lie “down”, “out”- to give someone space if you want to her to leave a room, crawl- “army crawl”, come, “off” – if you want her to move from a couch or chair (although she won’t get on furniture unless you give her permission to come up), and will “leave it”- when on a walk and shouldn’t be messing with something.” Reyna is generally calm unless she senses an intruder, and she loves to snuggle.

Reyna can jog around Town Lake, go for a hike or just a walk and be well behaved. Going all the places dogs can go in Austin should be a breeze for her as she is very social and loves doggy daycare. She is a very good traveler and is house, crate and leash trained, and can do very well off leash as well. She met a cat once so we’re not sure how she relates to them. We know she’s good with kids, but kids old enough to understand and respect her space would be best.

This pretty little lady is ready for the next adventure with her new family. Let us know if you’d like to meet her.