Sometimes it’s difficult to know where to begin to tell the story of one of our Boxers rescued from a puppy mill. The conditions are so deplorable, the females are treated very badly, and the dogs develop no or poor social skills with dogs and humans. Their exposure to normal life experiences is often overwhelming. Prisma, at 6 or 7 years old, is just now learning how to eat from a bowl. Her experiences on leash were so bad that she freezes, becomes dead weight, when put on leash. The shelter where she was found as a “stray” listed her as not housetrained, but that was because of her leash reaction; she is perfectly housetrained with a doggy door in her foster home.

Prisma has a beautiful flashy brindle coat and she is gradually gaining weight. Her foster mom feeds her by hand and slowly introduces her to eating from a bowl. Simple things we rarely notice like ceiling fans, a hand gesture and normal noises are terrifying for Prisma at first, but she is gradually learning her new environment is OK. She is trustworthy in the house with the other dogs which is good because she simply cannot be crated out of concern that she may drastically regress. Being near her human and/or her favorite male Boxer is pretty much what she wants to do right now. Praise and reassurance are essential. She is scheduled to be spayed, finally, on December 1 as she will be healthy enough for the procedure by then.

Prisma is pretty special and her foster mom is taking each tiny step slowly and patiently. Prisma has just barely begun her long journey from forgotten to family, but she has begun. With understanding, patience, and an abundance of warmth and love she will find her forever family.