Phoebe Cates

Phoebe Cates is now done being a mom and just beginning to learn how to look after herself first, make new friends and live it up a little. She raised her Reindeer Pups successfully with her foster mom and dad’s help, and the pups now have new families all their own. Phoebe is around 4 years old, maybe a year or so younger, but those younguns can put some age on a girl. She is heartworm positive and otherwise healthy. ABR always offers to help with heartworm treatment and it doesn’t have to be difficult.

Phoebe knows all the right stuff to live with humans like being house, crate and leash trained. She lives with other dogs, and a couple cats. She is learning she can trust the other dogs now she is not protecting her babies, and the older cat is just fine but that youngster needs some manners. A “leave it” and the youngster can saunter away, still needing manners.

Phoebe loves to be near her humans, sleeping at their feet. She needs a reminder now and then to share with her fur buddies, but she’s catching on quickly as her mommy duty fades and as she enjoys her fur buddies company and play time more and more. She’ll do just fine making new friends if she gets a little time to get to know them. Phoebe’s ready for the next step in her life, are you ready to share it with her?