This is the story of patiently waiting for that flower to bloom. Ahh, the sweet smell of spring flowers in your face, on your lap, staring at you. That’s Petunia! Looks like she shook her head under an old car and got oil spots on her head and ears. But her beautiful white coat is soft and silky and her ears just melt in your hand. She’s long and lean and about 2 years old and when she’s not doing time trials in the backyard or following someone around the house, she probably has her head on someone’s chest by the TV. She is heartworm negative and absolutely adorable.

Petunia lives with 3 Boxers and a Plotthound and gets on fine. She is not remotely aggressive, but she obviously has not learned dog manners, and she gets pretty excited when almost anything happens, so picture an excited, socially awkward pre teen in a group of cool kids; that’s Petunia. She takes direction well, but there are sooo many distractions. She has learned to take her turn, to share attention from mom and dad, to come when called, to not bother her fur friends during meals, but the dog door is still an enigma. She does well in her crate but does not need to be crated, is perfectly house trained, and leash training; well, it’s coming along. And she was loving and gentle with little kids as she met them at a public event.

Petunia loves the other dogs and is learning how to show them appropriately. She has good manners with people considering her energy and excitement levels. She tries so hard to do what’s right; she is a people pleaser and she loves treats. She is one of the best snugglers ever, and sweet as her name implies. She is so trusting of her caretakers and so slow to gain confidence that her foster parents were worried she was very vulnerable if a family expected an instant family member.  But she is just a bit more cautious than some, always looking for a “good girl” as she takes the next step. This heart-stealer would be excellent for evening jogs and lazy naps and nuzzles with the kids.

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