Pea Pod

Pea Pod, an unusual name for an unusual Boxer. This beautiful tiger striped brindle female is about 5 years old and probably managed to get away from her life as a breeder. She is brimming over with curiosity about her new life and new world and eager to explore at any turn. She loves her humans but is not entirely convinced they should be in charge all the time. Sometimes Boxers just have to calculate the odds and take a couple seconds to get a better deal.

Pea Pod is very affectionate with her people, including a middle schooler (who might be her favorite), and she gets on very well with the resident male Boxer too. She is house and crate trained, but that leash is such a distraction from her ability to explore, and she is eager to explore so keeping an eye on her will help her be safe.

Pea Pod is heartworm positive but treatment does not have to be difficult now. ABR will explain the options and help with treatment. She will flop down for belly rubs and chill out by your lap, or go off on a grand adventure. Beautiful, elegant, smart, a little cheeky, loving and inquisitive; just what you were looking for.