The Peanut for whom he was named brought many years of loyalty and joy to our ABR volunteer who chose to honor his memory by sharing his name. This Peanut is off to a great start with his foster mom who adores him. “Greets me at the door every day with a toy and a song….. That’s right! A toy and a song!!! Makes me giddy every single time!” He is a handsome, distinguished gentleman with a deep reddish fawn coat, little white patches on toes, face and chest, and just enough gray to show his wisdom. He’s around 5 years old and gradually getting back to his healthy weight.

Peanut joined 2 other Boxers in his foster home without fanfare. The young, deaf female still tries to get him to play but he’s really more into lounging and enjoying the good life. He knows all about living with a family and clearly appreciates all the comforts of home. Peanut enjoys his sunset walks and snuggles on the couch. He’s heartworm positive and pretty low key right now, but ABR helps with treatment and can help you pick the right option for him. Of course he is house trained and leash trained and hasn’t needed to be crated while his foster mom works.

Peanut is a wonderful, calm soul who really seems to appreciate being family; with his humans and with his dog buddies it’s all about belonging, being a part of the puzzle. He doesn’t live with kids or cats and we don’t know if he did before. He’s pretty mellow and easy going though. So, if your family doesn’t feel quite complete, like something is missing, it’s probably Peanut.

Peanut was named in memory of Richard Moore’s beloved Jack Russell Terrier who gave him 17 1/2 years of of joy.  RIP, Peanut