At first glance, Pastry looks a lot like many of our rescues: medium size female with a fawn coat, natural ears, black mask and cropped tail. Many of them have readily apparent injuries like malnutrition, loss of hair, cuts or broken bones; some have deeper scars that only love and safety will heal. Pastry has clearly been severely abused, and even when she curls into a ball to avoid being hit, her soulful eyes still hope this touch will be soft and gentle.

Pastry is just 2, still a puppy who should be bounding around and getting into trouble but she was not protected and is recovering from a tick borne illness. When she is well she can be spayed and have her positive heartworm status looked after. But most of all, she is slowly learning to trust adults and other dogs. She adores her 6 year old skin kid who is very dog savvy as well as one of the calmer dogs in her foster home. Remarkably Pastry is house, crate and leash trained.

Her very experienced foster mom writes: “It is heartbreaking to watch this baby’s reaction to certain situations but I am very optimistic that with the right amount of love and structure she will slowly build her confidence and learn to let her guard down again. She is definitely a project but if you’re willing to put in the time you will be repaid with endless love and gratitude.” Pastry won’t be available for a little bit, but you can certainly ask about her now and be first in line.