Orsino is one of ABR’s new Silverhearts thanks in part to a generous donation to “virtually foster” him. It’s just one of the ways ABR volunteers do what they can to help each one of 400 or more Boxers a year go from forgotten to family. ABR rescues Silverhearts, like Orsino, because they deserve to live out their years with dignity and care in a home with a family. Orsino is not a bouncy puppy who will jump onto your bed and look cute. He is the older, calmer guy who likes to know where you are so he can be near you. He’s the guy who lays by your feet while you read a book; the guy who gazes at your face to make sure he’s being good.

Orsino went from being scheduled to be euthanized to a foster home with 2 other Silverhearts who live there. He fit right in and they all get along. He’s getting more comfortable as he learns he will get his turn for a walk, and it’s OK to go out back without a human to do his business. They are not going to leave him there, he will not be abandoned again.

Orsino is like most of us senior citizens with a little weaker hearing, a little weaker eyesight, a bump here and there; but he is still accepting and loving and eager to be part of a family. ABR helps support Silverhearts and there is no adoption fee. They, like Orsino, have been loyal companions, helped raise children, consoled their humans and made them laugh; they deserve dignity and loyalty and love as they live out their years. No, he’s not a puppy. He’s a proud Silverheart.