Nubs! What a great name for a Boxer! He is an older fellow, about 10, who has had a really rough time until he got a foster home. Regrettably, he needs another because the healthier, younger Boxers tend to pick on him when they are all together. But not when they are one to one. Nubs is pretty emaciated and he’s just getting his back legs to work properly again, but they work well enough now for him to crawl onto the couch next to his foster mom. That’s a big win.

He is a sweet, silly boy who ignores the cats. He is crate and leash trained and almost always remembers to do his business outside now. He probably didn’t have to worry about that before. He has some old puncture wounds, and calluses likely caused by a long life on concrete. He will let you know when he’s been in his crate long enough by braying like a donkey. He’s made a tremendous amount of progress but really needs a chance to be part of the family while he heals. A permanent foster or someone to foster until his family comes along would really be terrific for Nubs.