When you hear Cutie Patootie, you are going to picture Nomad. This little, shy, submissive guy IS a cutie patootie. He’s kinda skinny in his fawn coat. His black mask has just a sprinkle of white, a white stripe over his nose and white toes look just right. When Boxers don’t feel well and they were a stray it’s hard to know how old they are, but we think Nomad is about 5 years old. He was obviously an outside dog as all the trappings of pack and family life seem new to him.

He is with an experienced foster mom and a bunch of Boxers, a Jack Russell Terrier, and the boss, a parrot. He is calm, quiet and submissive and gets along with all of them. He is getting over kennel cough, a frequent affliction from shelters and boarding, and is heartworm positive, so his energy level is pretty low right now. He’ll pick up some as he feels better and gains some confidence. Good he has mama foster and some Boxers to help him heal. He doesn’t have any other health issues and ABR always helps with heartworm treatment.

Nomad loves shoes; he doesn’t chew them up, he just has to have a shoe or two. Sooo, his experienced foster mom gave him one all his own to treasure. Nomad is slow to warm up to people and kids just overwhelm him. Many Boxers do not like to be patted or petted on their heads and Nomad doesn’t like it all. A good chin scritch is readily accepted. He does well in the house, which is great because he does not like his crate. He is a wonderful walker and never makes a mess in the house.

Nomad has a journey ahead to learn all about family life and to get healthy. He loves being with his people and he does great with other dogs, but no kids. They are just too much for him right now. We aren’t sure how he relates to cats. He needs slow and steady with lots of patience and confidence building. He is sweet as the day is long and this little cutie patootie will repay your patience and love with smiles and snuggles for years to come.