She is named Nola because she is a survivor. This tiny, 40 pound, female has been through the wringer; getting 30 days of antibiotic to prevent tick borne illnesses, her left front (driver side) leg has been amputated, and now she’s recovering from kennel cough. But her tail almost never stops wagging unless she’s put in a crate where she just hangs her head as though she’s been kept in crates for far too long. She’d much rather be next to her humans.

Nola lives with 2 other dogs but doesn’t interact with them much so far, kind of like she never learned how to play even though they get along well. She is house trained but just forget that crate, she is not destructive in the house. She has good manners and loves attention. She is slowly gaining confidence in her new, big world. Nola really needs a family to take her under their wing and nurture her, keep her safe, show her she can master this new world with love and patience.

A week later, Nola’s foster mom reports that Nola is settling in, getting comfortable with her new life and friends. Her energy level is increasing and she is walking (kind of hopping) along quite nicely on leash. She is house trained, does well on leash and is doing well with the other dogs. It just takes time, patience, reassurance, some structure and love for these darlings to begin to blossom.