Nog. What a wonderful name for a Boxer. Nog. And what a wonderful Boxer he is. Some say he’s 8, some say he’s 6, but he’s mature enough to avoid any conflict with the dominant female in the home, and young enough to play with the 6 month old puppy at length. Teaching that puppy how to dog is important work, as is knowing how to maintain order in the pack and the home. Nog is pretty smooth.

He is heartworm negative, gentle and sweet. He doesn’t get on furniture, but he will lean on his foster mom for pets and rubs as long as she’ll allow. He’s getting pretty good at walking on a leash and he does fine in his crate and in the house. Just say “kennel” and Nog trots on in for dinner or bedtime.

He’s a very handsome brindle guy with a white chest, white paws and white nose. He’d be a great family dog, well behaved, even keeled, confidently low key. And what a great name, Nog.