Nilla has the most unusual brindle coat and a face touched with “the gray of wisdom”. She is almost 8 years old and very healthy, and on a diet. Nilla’s owner was unexpectedly required to downsize from a home with a yard to a tiny apartment and had to let Nilla go. Many tears were shed while hoping ABR was Nilla’s best chance for a new home.

Nilla is a good size girl at around 70 pounds and she is very well trained with a very calm, even demeanor. She likes to follow her foster mom from room to room and lay on the dog beds. She does interact with the other 2 Boxers in the home as they guard the house from trash collectors and package delivery people, but she hasn’t played much so far. She loves being petted and will poke you with her paw if you stop too soon. She doesn’t climb on furniture, and is excellent in the home without being crated; however, she and her fur foster friends are crated when foster mom is not home. She is obviously housetrained and excellent on leash and loves to go places.

She has lived with older children, and currently lives with a cat who she ignores. She is a wonderful, calm older gal who still has tons of love and laughter to offer. She has always lived with at least one other Boxer and would probably do best with a dog buddy and people who are around the home quite a bit.