Mylee is a refined easy going lady of around 8 years. She is a medium-sized flashy fawn with some gray on her muzzle to show she’s earned her spot on the couch. She lives in peace with big dogs, small dogs and cats and is not constantly underfoot. She is heartworm positive but not symptomatic and ABR always helps with treatment options. She is otherwise healthy for an older lady.

Mylee is of course house, crate and leash trained. She will suggest she does not need to stay in her crate, which is probably true, but once in she does just fine. She is a medium to low energy lady who enjoys activities with her dog friends as well as naps with dogs or humans. She is very easy to live with and appreciative of having a family. This lady would be just right for someone who likes a daily stroll or two and a good snuggle by the TV.

Mylee was named by Donna Adams and Dustin Bernatovich in memory of their beloved girl.