There are times when want-to and can-do just don’t match. Such is the case with our little Munchkin. She was adopted in 2015 as a puppy and has lived a pretty happy, easy life. But sometimes declining health or dear relatives who need increasing care just overwhelm the can-do and the beloved Boxer’s welfare has to be addressed. You see, Munchkin likes to explore, and when a gate is accidentally left open, well, heaven knows she’s going to see what’s beyond. But she doesn’t understand cars and roads and mean people, and that brings us back to what is best for her.

She is small at about 45 pounds, with a docked tail, natural ears, a fawn coat, black mask and white chest. She gets along with dogs just fine but is pretty shy overall and very timid with men. She’s between 3 and 4 years old now and completely up to date on her vaccinations, including rattlesnake (it needs an annual booster), heartworm medication and flea and tick meds. She is house, crate and leash trained and does not jump up or get on furniture.

Munchkin is still a bit high energy girl with a high prey drive: no cats, but she is sweet and cuddly too. It is never easy to let go of a loved one, but sometimes doing what is best for them is the right thing to do. Our Munchkin needs a family where she can be safe and secure.