Petite, sweet, loving little Mulberry finally has a family that is kind to her and expects her to be part of what they do. No more outside in a kennel, raising pups or anxiously anticipating the next forced breeding. This little fawn sweetheart is only 4 or 5 years old and this world of touches and treats and laps is brand new. She has been fully vetted, spayed and finished the routine preventive medications for dogs like her from the Palm Valley area. Remarkably she is heartworm negative.

Mulberry soaks up love and attention like a sponge. She loves people, even little people, and cuddling is about as good as it gets. Mulberry did not need to develop social skills with dogs or people in the puppy mill, but she is catching up quickly in her foster home. She does not like dominant male dogs (no surprise there) but is learning that some dogs are OK, like the submissive male Boxer she lives with now.

Mulberry is house, crate and leash trained. Her experienced foster mom explains “It is hard not to give in to her soulful brown eyes and pixie face when it is time for discipline but she responds well when told no. She does have a stubborn streak so repetition and patience are key.” This little darling needs a loving family who can say no when needed and still shower her with love, attention, inclusion and security. Goodness knows she earned it.