Mr. Pinkerton

“Mr. Pinkerton is a brindle male around 6-7 years old. He has lived with 3 different female Boxers and we believe he would be great with social male dogs too. He is a healthy guy who has gained some weight when he was on restricted activity due to heartworm treatment. Now we expect him to be heartworm free and he’s able to resume his walks. His foster mom is working hard to get his weight back down.

Like many of our older friends, Mr. Pinkerton needs slow, supervised introductions to other dogs and does best if he can observe the new dog through a crate and/or doggy gate for several days until they get comfortable with each other. For example, his current female roommate watched and learned from her crate for 3 days before she and Pinky had closely supervised time together. They are now buddies who play and snuggle.

While Mr. Pinkerton has met some kids and loves them all, he would do best without kids or cats. Mr. Pinkerton is smart and learns new routines quickly. He is well trained and knows all the basic commands like come, sit, stay, look, shake hands, shake the other hand, get down, off, go outside, go eat, out (of the kitchen), etc..

He is house and crate trained, and does well on a short leash until he sees another dog. He will be attending training to help with his leash reactivity, a trait that is not uncommon. Confidence, consistent direction and support and learning where he is and is not comfortable makes all the difference.

Mr. Pinkerton is sweet and cuddly (loves hugs & lullaby songs) and wants to please so helping him get comfortable just takes time and consistent boundary setting. He was found stray but knows what it means to have a loving foster parent and lots of people he can trust. This guy is really handsome and really loves having a family again. A strong, consistent, supportive owner, preferably one familiar with Boxers, would be best for him. Are you ready to help him settle in to your family and snuggle up?”

Thank you, Gene and Anne Sandbach, for virtually fostering Mr. Pinkerton!