A bit bigger than average female who has a pretty brindle coat, a dark mask, one dark brown eye and one light brown eye is named Merida. Merida is 5 or 6 years old, low to medium energy and she’s going to take her time warming up to you; after all, friends are different from acquaintances. She is heartworm positive but not symptomatic and otherwise healthy. ABR will help with treatment, as always.

Merida lives with Boxers, a small dog, a cat or 2 and foster parents and gets along easily with all of them. She has excellent manners and rarely gets on the couch even if invited. She prefers to try out one crate after another, looking for the one that is just right. She loves her humans and greets them with a bay, but otherwise rarely barks. She likes being part of a family but does not play much with the others. Of course she is house, crate and leash trained.

The sweet, calm easy to live with lady would be a wonderful companion for someone who lives a bit more sedately and enjoys a leisurely walk. She will offer kisses but only if you’ve passed the friend test and get down where she can kiss you.