Need to get your happy on? Mercado can help you with that!  He is a magnificent boy whose previous owner did not cherish him the way he deserves to be cherished. He came to us with lots of scars, scabs and some burns that tell the tale of a tough past.  Luckily our friends at Hummingbird Farms Lavender took pity on him and decided to share their products with him  —  this long-legged cutie gets daily pampering at his foster home and is the best smelling dog in Central Texas! We expect his scars and scabs to improve soon so this already handsome guy is going to get even more gorgeous.
 We anticipate Mercado to be about 2-3 years old — he is out of the crazy puppy phase but still has plenty of energy and is a ton of fun!  He loves chasing a tennis ball and has recently discovered the joys of tug-of-war. He loves going on walks and wishes that his two older foster (boxer) brothers had the energy to join his galloping games.  After he’s played he loves snuggling up for a nap, preferably on a very soft surface.  The couch is preferred but he’s fine napping in his kennel (lined with lots of cozy blankets) while his foster mom is at work.
This big galoot is about ten pounds underweight and at his ideal weight will probably be about 70 pounds.  He was clearly forced to sleep and spend long amounts of time on hard surfaces because his body is more stiff than it should be at his young age.  Our hope is that with lots of TLC his physical condition will match his age and energetic spirit. He is heartworm positive but ABR will help his new family treat that condition and get this love bug right as rain. In the meantime, he is enjoying life with regular meals, naps on sofas and nighttime on beds.  We look forward to finding a new home that will give Mercado the happy life he deserves and will get a ton of fun and love in return!