Meecie Lynn

Meecie Lynn is a sweet 1 to 2 year old all white deaf girl with one beautiful crystal blue eye. She is a Velcro girl and loves her people, especially kids that are old enough to understand her limitations and don’t startle her. She is crate trained, potty trained and does well on a leash. Meecie loves to play and is full of energy, she’s also the best snuggle bear, bed buddy, lap dog ever. She does not like to be alone at all so bathroom breaks, naps and every other activity you do will include her.  She is an average size female who is heartworm positive, and ABR always works with the adoptive family for treatment.

She gets along with the other boxers she lives with but can be a little on the dominant side and needs VERY SLOW intros to build her confidence with other dogs. She is still working on her manners when meeting new dogs. Meecie Lynn is easily overstimulated and wants to pounce and play immediately and that isn’t always the best first impression.  It takes deaf dogs a little longer to learn appropriate dog interaction skills as they can’t hear their fur friends’ corrections.

Meecie is fed by herself as she is protective of her food. She’s a curious and independent girl once she feels comfortable but should not be left unattended or outside for extended periods of time so she does not get into trouble. She tries to play with the senior Maltese in her foster home but needs reminders to be gentle and calm as most young deaf dogs do. As with most deaf dogs, once Meecie learned she can communicate with her humans with signs she became an eager and quick learner.

Meecie would do  best with a person who is home a lot as she does not do well by herself. Meecie is a little bit shy and needs reassurance to help her feel confident. Deaf dogs, like Meecie, need patience and understanding to confidently navigate their world.  Now she loves daily walks and car rides, burrowing in blankets, chasing the ball, playing with toys and running and wrestling with her furry friends. The bond this process forms between owner and dog is truly wonderful.