If you’ve followed our page or read a few bios looking for just the right Boxer, you know that many of our rescues need some time in a foster home to heal physically and emotionally. Beautiful Mazie with soft blue eyes and a glistening white coat is just now recovering from non-contagious demodex mange thanks to her foster mom’s care and bathing; and she’s gaining confidence thanks to her 3 Boxer hosts who show her proper dog etiquette, and that humans are really OK. Patience, support, structure and love go a long way to helping her along on her journey to a forever family.

Mazie is just 2 years old and she is house, crate and leash trained and she doesn’t get into much mischief either. She has completed her course of preventive medications, is heartworm negative, healthy and getting more relaxed every day. She adores the toddler and preschooler grandkids and her Boxer buddies. She loves attention and takes direction well.

This little girl is a real beauty who is gradually blossoming into a smart, loyal, striking Boxer female. She would probably do best with a male dog buddy and a family eager to help her grow and learn.

Mazie was named by Risa Cervelli & Richard Moore in memory of Emily & Garrett’s beloved Mazie.