Okay, all of you who have been waiting for a young brindle female, now’s your chance. Mariana is about 2 to 3 years old and sports a gorgeous, soft brindle coat and coal black eyes. Fortunately she has white toes and a white chest so you have a chance to see her in the dark. She is finishing the usual routine of preventive medications for tick borne illness as she comes from the Palm Valley area, and she is heartworm negative. She is set for spay and full vetting soon.

Mariana lives with other Boxers and gets on fine with them. Many of the Boxers ABR rescues from that area have not had an opportunity to socialize with other dogs or humans as they are mostly back yard breeders. Mariana is “learning how to dog” from the other Boxers, and how to be part of a family from her humans. She’s an eager learner and loves the attention; she’s also learning she’s not the only one worthy of attention. Like all dogs (and dare we say humans) it takes time, patience and repetition to learn all the rules and nuances of family life. Laps, toys and playing seem to be good things.

She is house, crate and leash trained and does well with the dogs in her home as well as those she’s encountered. We don’t know about cats or small dogs, but no kids as she is still learning appropriate social behavior. Mariana is a beauty, and she will fit into your routine if you let her.