Rogness and Satchmo

ABR really means it when we say “Once an ABR dog, always an ABR dog”. There really wasn’t any room in boarding, but Rogness and Satchmo need to come home. Loving, caring forever families have changes too and sometimes it’s just too much. Thankfully, ABR says yes, bring them home, we will help. Rogness is a big gorgeous brindle boy who was a real handful when he was adopted by his family. They spent a lot of time and energy helping him learn how to live with a family. As he learned the rules and earned his family’s trust, it was time for him to have a friend. Calm, sweet, sensitive Satchmo was the perfect match for this headstrong boy.

They are both about 6 years old. Rogness is energetic and loves to run and play tug. He knows quite a few commands and if he starts playing a bit rough “sit” gets him to stop immediately. He does not like having his paws touched by anyone, and will nip to tell you so. His vet gets to trim his nails. He does not like to be hugged, but he loves scratches on his head, belly rubs and treats. He is heartworm negative and healthy and quite a character. Rogness needs a strong, firm, calm leader to be comfortable.

Satchmo loves to play with Rogness. She is a pretty fawn who is calm, affectionate and sensitive. She does not like baths and yelling at her makes it worse. She loves belly rubs and watching whatever her human is doing. Satchmo is the yin to Rogness’ yang. She is heartworm positive, but ABR will help with treatment; she is on HW prevention. She takes Proin for incontinence like many neutered females. She is sweet and soft.

These two are a package, a bonded pair. They cannot go to a home with small dogs, cats or young kids; Rogness’ energy level and paws don’t do well with kids. They are house, crate and leash trained. These two are not barkers, they sleep near their humans, use the doggy door and aren’t any trouble. They are a terrific pair who need a second chance after their family fell apart. Sometimes, we all need a second chance.